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Welcome to 
J and M Secure Processing, LLC

We are excited to have you here!


Our dedicated services:

Third party mortgage processing & underwriting

(Conv, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, DPA)

Pre and post close underwriting reviews

Foreclosure rescue/loan modification assist

Is J and M right for you?

Would you prefer to shift your focus primarily on acquiring new customers?

Do you desire to hand off your administrative tasks?

Could you use assistance with your overflow needs?


Let Us Help You to Grow Your Vision

"Our mission is to enhance mortgage operations by offering a seamless experience to our clients, providing secure and convenient third party processing and underwriting services.

At J and M Secure Processing, we take pride in our work and are deeply committed to the business relationships that we have acquired as well as the families and communities that we serve.

We strive to create a great customer experience from start to finish while helping homeowners reach their goals, one loan at a time."

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