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Meet the Owners

More than 30+ years of combined mortgage industry experience and a comprehensive background in several areas of the business field (i.e., processing, underwriting, secondary market, quality control, management, commercial real estate, etc.,).

What separates us from other industry professionals?

*DE/VA LAPP/SAR certified underwriting staff 

*Commercial underwriting skills

*Quality control/pre and post close audit experience

*Secondary market experience

*Loss mitigation experts

*TRID/closing knowledge

  • When you partner with J and M, you are receiving top notch services by experienced staff who knows what it takes to get your loans approved and cleared to close 

  • Along with an underwriting background, our staff members have quality control and secondary market experience as well. A good processor or underwriter is capable of "closing loans", however, a great processor or underwriter is capable of keeping your closed deals off of your books by avoiding controllable repurchases, indemnifications, etc. Afterall, none of us are in business to net loss

  • J and M is also experienced with loss mitigation options, including loan modifications and foreclosure rescue

  • We are well versed with TRID guidelines and closing requirements 

We are committed to easing your workload and addressing all of your administrative needs. Each business is unique in what it demands from our partnership; therefore, we offer a range of services to our clients based on your business requirements. Make a quality decision today for your business and get in touch with us!

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